What is TwitterPeek?

What is TwitterPeek?

TwitterPeek is a slim, lightweight mobile gadget that enables you to use Twitter on-the-go from anywhere in the US. It is the world's first Twitter device from the makers of Twitter and Peek. Because it is designed exclusively to Twitter, TwitterPeek offers the best mobile Twitter experience available.

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Built for Twitter

Enjoy all of your favorite Twitter features with TwitterPeek including reading tweets, sending tweets, replying, retweeting and direct messaging.

Twitter: Everybody's Doing It

It seems like everyone and their mother is on Twitter these days. Twitter has become a new way for people to communicate and share ideas. It's dramatically different from email, phone or texting.

If you don't already "get" Twitter, it's about sharing and discovering interesting stories as they happen. With access to Twitter on-the-go, you can participate (or just listen in on) real life conversations that are happening all around the world and close to home.

You might follow the New York Times for breaking news. Lance Armstrong might invite you along on his bike ride through Hamburg. Oprah might let you in on the latest book she's reading. Or, better yet, you might discover the coffee shop around the corner is offering free scones until 11 am for all tweeters.

You'll discover an infinite world of conversation with the nifty, pocket-sized TwitterPeek.

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Always On

TwitterPeek works on a high-speed wireless data network with nationwide coverage, so it's always on and receiving tweets. With smartphone applications for Twitter, you have to switch over to an application and wait for only your 100 most recent tweets to download. With TwitterPeek, you get all of your tweets as they happen - instantly! Plus, TwitterPeek is more affordable than any smartphone data plan.

Product Description
From the makers of Twitter and Peek, introducing the world's first dedicated Twitter device - the TwitterPeek. It's the easiest way to stay connected to Twitter with unlimited tweeting anywhere, anytime. TwitterPeek is a super thin and stylish device that lets you take Twitter with you and stay connected when and where you want it. No longer do you have to be in-front of your computer to stay up-to-date on what Ashton Kutcher, Lance Armstrong, Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, Ryan Seacreast or Oprah Winfrey have to say. Go outside. Share. Discover.TwitterPeek allows you to read, send, reply, retweet and direct message your followers all on-the-go. Your device comes with a lifetime of unlimited service - no contracts, no hidden fees, no overages, no headaches. TwitterPeek is packaged in a lightweight, slim design with a color display, full keypad and simple menus to make tweeting on the go a breeze. Plus, it is super simple to set-up -- enter your Twitter username and password and that's it. You'll start receiving tweets in minutes! TwitterPeek works on a high-speed wireless data network with nationwide coverage -- no wi-fi needed. So TwitterPeek is always on and always receiving your Twitter feed. No need to switch over to an application and wait for only your 100 most recent tweets to download. You have your entire feed in the palm of your hand.What's in the box: TwitterPeek device, AC charger, Rechargeable lithium ion battery, Quick start guide.

So the final words. If you love Twitter then buy TwitterPeek.

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